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Identifying your Problem

Providing a Solution

And Deploying your App

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Let's Follow a Common Use Case

Excel Paperwork & Company Inc

Eric has been working at his job for a very long time. He's been using the same process that has been used for the past 8 years. He is an intelligent employee and has had ideas before to improve certain processes. His managers encourage him to stick with the "tried and true" method.

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Say hello to Eric

The Problem

Eric job requires him to have video chat meetings using installed software on his pc with other branches within the corperation. The other branch faxes over the reports and sends him reports in email for that quarter to review with him. Eric thought to himself there should be a better way than faxing and emailing reports. 

What can CaveTech do for Eric?
We take a better approach

App's should make your day by day easier

We are driven to bring our clients solutions to increase their Efficiency and Effectiveness through the power of apps. We believe a single app should help the employee with one aspect of their job. No more and no less. Only what you need clearly defined so it's a more custom and intuitive rather then a "one size fits all" solution.

Identifying your Problem

Our Business Process Developer experts at CaveTech will identify an opportunity for improvement and craft a solution using their extensive background in technology.

Providing a Solution

A solution will be crafted using feedback from employees and put into a list of Business Requirements for approval. Once approved a work order defining scope of work, delivery, and estimated costs will be provided for approval.

And Deploying your App

We will develop and deploy the app on your employees dashboard. This app will be tested for efficiency and effectiveness to identify revised solutions to improve the bottomline.

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Eric has Super Powers

The Solution

Eric now doesn't need to install any software and directly connects to the meeting. He is able to view the real-time report and history in real-time using the web application. His meeting goes smoothly as he doesn't need to switch between each paper report. The web application also has real-time collaboration tools to make communication a breeze.

I'd like a CaveTech Solution like Eric!

Get a CaveTech Solution!

Web Applications are similar to the apps on your phone or computer. They are there to accomplish one task or goal and to save us some time in the process. Simple easy to use app are what we create at CaveTech. They are custom for your business and accessible everywhere. We also create mobile apps that work with our web based apps to give you more flexibility to do your job on the go. We care about your business operations and about improving the bottom line a day at a time.

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