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What would a CaveTech Solution look like for my business?

We're glad you've expressed interest, and you'll be surprised what solutions we offer.

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CaveTech Solutions are Portable

We offer solutions that are independent of the internet through a traditional Android or IOS App and can sync with the cloud.

We also offer solutions that work online to keep a constant connection to the cloud providing you the latest data in real-time!

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The apps can be used in every use-case as they don't require an internet connection to function. You can use the solutions on Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Tablets.


An Android or I-OS app solution is flexible offering real-time, semi-real time, and sync based solutions. The most powerful application is that you can use them offline.

Flexible Solutions

Your solution would be created around your use-case giving you the best combinations of technologies to field the best end result.

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Our Solutions are Mobile

We offer services for developing Android and IOS Apps for an employees job on the go. The solution can work offline and online seamlessly.

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Web Application

Web Applications require an internet connection in order to function. They can load from a web browser on any device including: Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC. They have a consistent connection with the internet in order to manage and update the data in real-time or semi-real time.

Certain Web Applications if run on a Desktop can work offline and sync changes with the cloud once reconnected to the internet.

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Android / I-OS App

Android and I-OS Apps do not require a connection to the internet that make them perfect to a mobile based solution. A great example is a sales employee gathering information about new potential clients. The employee can sync the data with the cloud once they have an internet connection.

Certain Mobile Apps can also be real-time apps displaying the latest data. A real-time solution would require an internet connect to have the latest data.

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Software: PC

Software can run on a PC including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The solutions can be real-time, semi-real time, or synced. PC Solutions are powerful using the power of your PC to manage large amounts of data and provide depth the information.

Certain Software Apps can work completely offline meaning they are very fast. You can easily sync the data to the cloud sharing the data with other employees/users.

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Spreadsheet App

We offer applications such as our spreadsheet application that can seamlessly connect with your workflow. Everything is hosted online making it easier to manage all of the data from the business for those use to using spreadsheet software. We although do encourage users to use the apps custom built for that job for maximum efficiency. 

Editing Data

The app can edit large amount of information at once such as a list of contacts. It can easily modify or add new contacts.

Powerful Searching

The app provides the feature for searching for a group of records based on certain criteria making it easy to locate those records. 

Optimized For Speed

The app has been overhauled to manage large sets of data while maintaining consistent speed. You can quickly switch between each page of data.

Revision Management

The app maintains the changes made by the users and won't update the data until it is committed or approved.

Solutions that Sync

Solutions that will sync data when connected to the internet and allow you to use them offline. These would be Android or I-OS Apps for your mobile device.

The best example would be a sales employee who uses their mobile phone in order to capture details about a client. The sales employee doesn't need internet until they sync it directly to the cloud.

Real-Time Solutions

Real-Time Solutions will always be working on the latest data so it requires a consistent connection to the internet.

The best example would be a financial program as it would need the current financial information such as expenses, income, deductions, current tax percentages, and more.

Semi-Real Time Solutions

Semi-Real Time Solutions update their data every 1 minute and require a consistent connection to the internet.

The best example would be creating new products in an inventory management system. It would create a new product and add it to the cloud for other users to access this new product.

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Powerful Reporting

We offer reporting solutions that generated reports from data generated using the app. Our powerful reporting solutions work with PC software and web applications.

Web Application

Powerful Reporting features used to be restricted to software only solutions and now work on web applications!

Date Base Reporting

You can filter reports weekly, monthly, yearly, and a custom date range.

Software Reporting

We still offer software based reporting including: billing and financial reports, inventory reports, and much more!

Cloud Stores your Reports!

We offer features to generate your report and store it on google drive, dropbox, or the web application.

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